"Escape from Egypt" (Exodus 1:7-14)


Exodus 1:7-14


A.  What do you think of when you think of Egypt?


·        The pyramids?

·        The desert?

·        The Nile?

·        The hieroglyphics?

·        The story of Joseph bringing his family in?

·        The story of Moses bringing his people out?


B.  Tonight I want you to think of Egypt a little differently.

            I want you to look at Egypt as a type of the carnal world.

            This picture is clearly evident in the book of Exodus.


·        Egypt is ruled by an evil tyrant.

·        Egypt is a land of evil temptations & trials.

·        Egypt is a place that has an evil tug on God’s people.


C.  God’s chosen people, Israel, and their relationship to Egypt

speak to us volumes about God’s chosen people, Christians,

and our relationship to the world.


I.  We Once Were Dominated By Egypt.


A.  The Pain of this Domination.


            1.  Israel suffered under the domination of Egypt.


            2.  Men have suffered under the domination of the world.


                        We were in bondage to sin.

                        Bondage brings pain.

·        Physical pain.  (abuse, disease, addiction)

·        Emotional pain.  (depression, anger, fear)

·        Spiritual pain.  (guilt, conviction)


B.  The Progression of this Domination.



            1.  The bondage felt by Israel grew worse instead of better.

            2.  The bondage of the world seems to grow over time.

·        The attractions grow stronger.

·        The addictions grow stronger.

·        The grip of the world grows stronger.


ILL:  It is harder to lead an older person to Christ than a child, because of the grip of the world.

It is harder to lead a person today to Christ than it used to be, because of the grip of the world.


II.  We Have Been Delivered From Egypt.


A.  We are delivered by the Plan of God.


            1.  Israel was delivered by God’s Plan, not their own.

                        a.  His plan occurred before Moses.

                                    (see Gen.15:13-14)

                        b.  His plan included Moses.

                                    God’s plan protected Moses.

                                    God’s plan prepared Moses.

                                    God’s plan provided for Moses.


            2.  Men are delivered by God’s Plan, not their own.

                        a.  This plan occurred before the world began.

                        “…the Lamb slain from the foundation of the

world”  (Rev.13:8)

b.  This plan came through Christ.

            The birth in Bethlehem was in God’s Plan.

            The life in Nazareth was in God’s Plan.

            The baptism in the Jordan was God’s Plan.

            The temptation in the wilderness…

            The preaching through Galilee…

            The struggles in Jerusalem…

            The crucifixion at Calvary…

B.  We are Delivered by the Power of God.


            1.  In Exodus 5-13 we see how God delivered Israel

                        from Egypt by an outpouring of His Power.


            2.  In our Salvation we see how God delivered Us

                        from the world by an outpouring of His Power.


·        He Delivers us from the Penalty of Sin.

·        He Delivers us from the Power of Sin.

·        He Delivers us from the Presence of Sin. (future)


What we could not do ourselves, God delivers by His

Power.  ILL:  A jailbreak.


III.  We Still Can Desire Our Egypt.


Even though the Israelites had experienced a great deliverance from their bondage in Egypt, they continued to have a strange desire to return to Egypt.

I see the same thing in the lives of many believers today.

Even though they have been set free, they desire to return to the old ways.


A.  They Desired the Safety of Egypt.  (EX.14:10-11)


            1.  They thought it better to be slaves under Pharoah’s care

than to be free and hunted by Pharoah’s army.

            2.  Many new believers are shocked by spiritual battles.

                        Satan didn’t bother them before.

                        Now he is in active pursuit.


B.  They Desired the Supplies of Egypt.  (Ex.16:2-3; 17:3)


            1.  In Egypt they had plenty of food. 

Now they had to live by faith.

            2.  Some people long for the supplies of the world.

                        EX:  Cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, wild parties, sex

C.  They Desired the Spirits of Egypt.  (Ex.32:1-8)


            1.  The Israelites turned back to worshipping a false god.

            2.  Some want to turn back to worshipping a false god.

                        EX:  Power, Possessions, Popularity


D.  They Desired the Stability of Egypt.  (Num.21:4-5)


            1.  The Israelites complained that the way was too rough.

                        They hated wandering in the wilderness.

                        Willing to go back to Egypt.

            2.  Some Christians get tired of following the Lord

                        and want to quit before the Promised Land.

                        Tired of following His Words.

                        Tired of following His Will.

                        Tired of following His Worship.

                        Tired of following His Way.


            Many folks who call themselves Christians

            want to go back to Egypt, to their worldly life.


            What are we to do?


IV.  We Must Completely Die to Egypt.


            There are two possible ways to die to your Egypt:


A.  The Majority Died in a Polluted Land.  (Num.14:3, 22-45)


            1.  Because the Israelites refused to walk in the plan of

God, He allowed them to wander in the wilderness

until they all died. (40 years)

            2.  These died with Egypt in their hearts, and it was only at

                        their deaths that they truly died to Egypt.

            3.  Many in the Lord’s family are in this same sad shape.

                        They keep struggling with wanting to go back.

                        They keep wandering around in circles.

                        They keep from ever entering the Promised Land.

                        They don’t die to the pull of the world until death.

B.  The Minority Died in the Promised Land. (Num.14:30)


            1.  Only two men who left Egypt as adults were permitted

                        to enter the Promised Land—Joshua & Caleb.

            2.  They were allowed to enter because they looked forward

                        instead of looking backward.

            3.  They had died to Egypt in their hearts long before.

                        They were never going back.

                              They wanted their Promised Land inheritance.


            4.  The Christian needs to forget what is behind

                        and start looking forward.  (see Phil.3:13-15)

            5. We have to reckon ourselves as dead to Egypt already.


            6.  We must go on to our Promised Land of Victorious Life

                        and put that Jordan River between us and Egypt.



A.  If we are honest, many today are looking back to Egypt,

            wishing they were back in the world again.

B.  You have to quit looking back!  Remember Lot’s wife?

C.  We must start looking forward!






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