"How Unbelievers Sin Against the Spirit"


Matthew 12:30-32


Ill:  President Calvin Coolidge went to church and afterwards was asked by a friend what the minister spoke on.  “He preached on sin”  The friend asked what the preacher had to say about sin.  He was told, “He’s against it.”


A.  I’m against sin.


B.  I’m against sin whatever it is called.

            EX:  Bad habit, an alternate lifestyle, an addiction,                                             a personal choice, a little problem, wild oats


C.  I’m against sin whoever you sin against.

            1.  You can sin against God the Father.

                        David said, “Against Thee, and Thee only,

                        have I sinned.”  (Ps.51)

                        EX:  Taking the Lord’s name in vain,

                                    Dishonoring the Lord’s house,

                                    Breaking the Lord’s commandments


            2.  You can sin against God the Son.

                        EX:  Judas Iscariot—betrayal

                                Simon Peter—denial


                                People still sin against the Savior when

they reject Him, mock Him, and

deny Him before others.


            3.  You can sin against God the Holy Spirit.


D.  Sinning against God is Serious.

Sinning against God the Father is serious.

Sinning against the Son is serious.

            Sinning against the Spirit is serious.


E.  How do we sin against the Holy Spirit today?

            We will split this up in sins of unbelievers and believers.

I.  Resisting the Holy Spirit.  (see Acts 7:51)

            “Ye stiffnecked and uncircumcised in heart and ears, ye do

always resist the Holy Ghost:as your fathers did, so do ye.”


            A.  The Holy Spirit convicts men of their sins.

            “And when He is come, He will reprove the world of sin,

and of righteousness, and of judgment”  (John 16:8)


            B.  The Holy Spirit conveys men to the Savior.

            “…He shall not speak of Himself…He shall glorify Me

[Jesus]”  (Jn.16:13,14)

EX:  Saul—it is hard for thee to kick against the pricks


C.  But the Holy Spirit’s drawing and leading are not


·                    The people in the OT many times rejected the miracles and message of the prophets.

·                    The people in Jesus’ time rejected His words and works.

·                    The people of today reject the ministry of the Spirit in their hearts.


D.  Many today will be in church’s and feel led to make a decision for Christ, but will resist it.  They know they should be saved, be baptized, be a church member, believe;  they know they should step out from a pew or lift up a prayer or take the hand of a pastor, but they resist that feeling.


E.  To resist the Holy Spirit’s urging is a sin.

            ILL:  To resist your parent’s urging is wrong.

                        To resist your teacher’s urging is wrong.

                        To resist your boss’s urging is wrong.

                        To resist your spouse’s urging is wrong.

                        If it is wrong to resist the urging of men,

                        it is worse to resist the urging of God.



II.  Despising the Spirit.  (see Heb.10:26-29)


            A.  The Scene.

                        The writer is speaking to Hebrews/Jews.

                        He has shown throughout the book that Jesus is

superior to angels, Moses, earthly priests, and

animal sacrifices.

He has shown that Jesus is the Messiah, the

fulfillment of the OT prophecies & types.

Many have looked into these things wanting to

know who Jesus is.

Many Jews have accepted Christ as Savior.

However, some Jews have turned away and gone

back to Judaism.


            B.  The Seriousness.

                        If you sin in not believing in Christ…

                        If you reject Jesus as the Son of God…

                        If you say that His blood does not wash away sin…

                        If you despise the witness of the Spirit…


                        Then you will face a serious judgment.

                        It will be much worse for them who clearly saw

                        and turned back, than for those who were never

given a witness.


            C.  The Similitude.

·                    There are some here who have receive a clearer witness than many others in the world.                        (EX:  by living in America, taken to church,         raised in Christian home)

·                    There are some who will still resist after many witnesses—despising the Holy Spirit’s call.

·                    These will face a sorer judgment.                                Different degrees of hell for worse sins and for more chances.



III.  Blaspheming the Spirit.  (see Matthew 12:30-32)


Many people live in fear thinking they have committed this sin.

One such person was the father of Billy Graham.

He went to a revival meeting where the speaker preached on this.

He returned convinced he had committed this sin.

He lived in agony until he realized he felt the conviction of the Spirit in his heart drawing him to Christ. He realized this could not happen if he had blasphemed the Spirit.


A.  What it is Not.


            1.  It is not an accidental sin.

                        Some may think that they may have mistakenly or

accidentally said something to offend the Spirit at some

time.  I am sure we have all said things we wish we hadn’t

said.  EX: 


            2.  It is not just a verbal sin.

                        It is not just saying the wrong words.

                        It is believing the wrong thing.

                        The words are just the mirrors to the soul.

                        “out of the abundance of the heart

the mouth speaketh”


            3.  It is not an anti-Charismatic sin.

                        Some think that saying that you don’t believe in

speaking in tongues, or being slain in the spirit, or words of

knowledge or prophecy, then you are committing the

unpardonable sin of blasphemy.  This is not at all what the

passage is speaking about.


            4.  It is not a believer’s sin.

                        The believer is filled and sealed with the Holy Spirit

            The believer cannot believe or say what this passage

implies.  Believers can sin against the Holy Spirit,

just not in this way.



B.  What It Is.


            The Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is the ultimate resisting and the ultimate despising of the Spirit of God.


1.  The Case of the Pharisees. (Matt.12:22-29)


            a.  The Pharisees had heard the words of Jesus.

                        “Did not our heart burn within us, while He talked

with us by the way, and while He opened to us the

 scriptures?”  (Lk.24:32)


            b.  The Pharisees had seen the works of Jesus.

                        “Rabbi, we know that thou are a teacher come from

God: for no man can do these miracles that thou

doest, except God be with him.”  (Jn.3:2)


            c.  The Pharisees had a clear witness of the Spirit.


            d.  The Pharisees resisted the Spirit’s drawing.


            e.  The Pharisees despised the Spirit’s witness.


            f.  The Pharisees totally and finally rejected the Spirit’s

truth and chose to believe a lie and speak/teach a



            g.  The Pharisees totally & finally rejected the Spirit,

                        therefore, the Spirit would totally & finally reject

these Pharisees.

They would never feel His conviction again.

They would never feel His drawing again.

They would never have His enlightenment again.

They were totally hardened and heedless.


            h.  The Pharisees, in essence, were doomed.




2.  The Case of Today.


            a.  Some say that modern men can never commit the

blasphemy of the Spirit.

·                    Because they never hear the same message.

·                    Because they will never see the same miracles.


b.  But I say you can commit the blasphemy.

            Here’s how:


·                    When you feel the conviction & drawing  of the Spirit, just say NO.  Resist Him.

·                    When you are presented the clear facts of the gospel—don’t believe it.  Despise it.

·                    When see other lives changed, see other’s prayers answered,  hear the words of Jesus preached and taught, feel the Spirit’s presence over and over, and you just become more hardened and callous and anti-church, anti-God, anti-Jesus.

·                    You even get to the point that you explain all those happenings as “religious fanaticism,” “just people in need of a crutch,”  “not of God, but all in their minds or of the devil.”

·                    You totally and finally reject the Spirit.

·                    Therefore, the Spirit, I believe, will totally reject you.

EX:  The Men of the Flood.

“And the LORD said, My Spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years.”  (Gen.6:3)


EX:  The Men of God gave up.

(see Romans 1:21-32)


                        EX:  I believe I have know such men.




A.  I know that there is no use giving an invitation for those who

have blasphemed the Spirit.  They can’t come. 

Probably not in church.


B.  I know there is not much chance for those who have despised

the Spirit.  They have turned back.  They won’t come.


C.  But there is still hope for those who are Resisting the Spirit.

            You know who you are.

            You feel the Spirit tugging on your heart.

            You know you need to make a decision.


D.  If you are under conviction today,  there is still hope for you.

            But only if you come.


E.  Listen.  Every time you say NO to the Spirit, it will get easier.

            Until one day you won’t even recognize the Spirit again.


F.  Come today while the Spirit is still working on you.



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