"I Get By with a Little HELP from my Friends" (Hebrews 13:1-16)




Hebrews 13:1-16


A.  Did you ever have trouble making friends when growing up?


            1.  I was shy and had trouble making new friends.

            2.  Many people have such trouble.


B.  A no. of years ago a man wrote a book on how to make friends.


            1.  Dale Carnegie wrote “How to Win Friends and

     Influence People.”  Publ.1936.  Sold over 15 million



2.  There was a book that was written long before that

     spoke of how to have friends.  That book is the Bible.


C.  The OT gives the general principle:


            “A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly…”



D.  The NT gives some specifics.


            Note what Hebrews says about shewing ourselves friendly.

            Use the acrostic HELP.


I.  Hospitality.  (13:2)


A.  Hospitality was one of the characteristics of believers.


            1.  Lot.   Showed hospitality to angels at Sodom.

            2.  Innkeeper at Bethlehem.  Showed hospitality to Mary.

            3.  Mary, Martha, & Lazarus.  Showed hosp. to disciples.

            4.  Aquilla & Priscilla, Lydia.  Showed hospitality to Paul.

            5.  They showed hospitality to traveling believers because

                 there were no hotels and it was dangerous to camp out.


B.  We have become more and more inhospitable.


            1.  We don’t invite people to stay with us.

            2.  We don’t invite people to eat with us.

            3.  We don’t invite people to sit with us at church.

            4.  We have become self-centered and closed to others.


C.  Christians should get back to the idea of Hospitality.

            This starts with being willing to Share.


            1.  Share your time.

            2.  Share your chores.

            3.  Share your home.

            4.  Share your meals.


D.  We start off encouraging children to share.

            EX:  Share your toys.  Food.  Clothes.


E.  We stop sharing and being hospitable.


F.  Hospitality can change lives.


            ILL:  “A Simple Gesture”  (Chicken Soup)


II.  Encouragement/Edification.  (13:3,16)


A.  Is church an Encouragement or a Discouragement to you?


            1.  I hope that coming to church encourages you.


                        ILL:  Like a spiritual filling station.

                        ILL:  Like a half-time pep talk.


            2.  Truthfully, some church services can drag us down.


                        Filled with conflict or complaint.




B.  Our church should Encourage the saints.  (10:23-25)


            1.  We should not forsake the assemblying together.

            2.  We should make people want to assemble together.


C.  We all need a little Encouragement after dealing with the

      World all week long.


            1.  Encouragement that someone cares.

            2.  Encouragement that someone is praying.

            3.  Encouragement that someone understands.

            4.  Encouragement that someone will be there for us & help


D.  Spiritual Leaders particularly need your Encouragement.

      (see 13:7, 17)


            1.  Children, you can make your parent’s job a sad job or

                 a glad job.

            2.  Students, you can make your teacher’s job a hard job or

                 an easy job.

            3.  Members, you can make your minister’s job a

     challenging job or a cheerful job.

4.  Be an Encouragement.


III.  Love.  (13:1)


A.  Everyone starts out the Christian life with a lot of Love.


            1.  We love Jesus.

            2.  We love others.

            3.  We love the world.


B.  Sometimes that love seems to die down with time.


            ILL:  Like a smoldering fire.





C.  We need to stoke up our love and keep it aflame.


            1.  We need to stoke up our love for Jesus.

                        EX:  Church at Ephesus left their first love.


            2.  We need to stoke up our love for the brethren.

                        EX:  Church divisions only bring shame.


            3.  We need to stoke up our love for the world.

                        EX:  Lottie Moon Christmas offering.

                                    Just being a witness to a neighbor.


D.  We must stoke up our Love in order to Be a Light to the World.


            1.  Jesus said that one of our main witnesses is Love.

            2.  Other religions may show hate;  Christians show love.

            3.  “They don’t care how much you know until they know

                        how much you care.”


E.  Love in the Bible is an Action word.


            1.  It is not just a Feeling.

            2.  It is a Fruit of the Spirit that bears itself in action.


            ILL:  I John 3:16-18

                        We don’t just need to say we love people in Stamps,

                        we need to minister to them and show our love.

                        EX:  Food baskets, Nursing Home gifts, rake leaves


IV.  Prayers.  (13:18)


A.  The longer I live the more I am convinced that Prayer changes

      things and that prayer changes hearts.


            ILL:  Use it in marriage counseling.

            ILL:  If you want to soften hearts, pray.


B.  We often pray for self.  We may pray for friends.

            Do you pray for enemies?

            “But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you and persecute you; that ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for He maketh His sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.”  (Matt.5:44-45)


C.  Prayer doesn’t just change others; it changes us.


            1.  We are not to pray coals of fire on their head.

            2.  We are to pray for change.

            3.  Prayer may change us, not our Faith, but our Feelings.


            ILL:  The Democrats and Republicans in Congress can’t

work together.  Perhaps it is because they don’t pray

together.  If they would begin with heartfelt prayer over

their problems, they would get things done.




A.  We all need some HELP in dealing with others and making








B.  If we would start with these steps, it would make a difference.


C.  I challenge you this next year to be a HELP.

            A HELP Ministry will make a difference.

            We will win friends and influence people.



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