New "You" Resolutions (I Thessalonians 5:12-24)


I Thessalonians 5:12-24


A.  This year I want to focus on the writings of Paul.


            1.  Because they make up so much of the New Testament.

            2.  Because they teach many important doctrines.

            3.  Because they cover many practical matters.

            4.  Because they are particularly relevant to Gentile



B.  We will be looking at the books in chronological order.


            1.  Most folks don't know when or why Paul wrote his

                 letters to the churches.

            2.  I want to put each book in a time frame and in context.


C.  The first epistles that Paul wrote were to the Thessalonians.


            1.  Paul made 3 great missionary journeys starting churches


                        a.  His first was in Asia Minor.

                        b.  His second reached over into Europe (Greece).

                        c.  His third also reached into Europe.


            2.  During the second missionary journey Paul went to

                 Thessalonica.  (Acts 17:1-10a)


            3.  Paul & Silas were forced to leave the city.


            4.  After Paul reached Corinth he sent Timothy to the

                church to discern its condition.  (3:1-2)


            5.  Timothy reunited with Paul at Corinth some time later.

                 He told of questions regarding the afterlife & second

                 coming of Christ.


            6.  The books of I & II Thess. try to answer these questions.


D.  Many folks are making New Year Resolutions.


            1.  They may be Physical Resolutions.

                        EX:  Lose weight, get more exercise.


            2.  They may be Intellectual Resolutions.

                        EX:  Take a class, read more, learn a language.


            3.  They may be Financial Resolutions.

                        EX:  Get out of debt, start a savings plan


E.  We also need to make some Spiritual Resolutions this year.

            I call these New "You" Resolutions.


F.  Allow me to suggest a few from our passage.



I.  Some Resolutions Concerning our Walk.  (14-15)


A.  We will run into all sorts of People in 2016.


            1.  There will be those who are Abusive of the Faith.


                        a.  "Unruly" means those who bend/break the rules.

                        b.  There are always those who will test the rules.

                                    EX:  Kayla putting one foot into the kitchen.

                                    EX:  Students at school

                                    EX:  Children


            2.  There will be those who are Lacking in Deep Faith.


                        a.  "Feebleminded" is not about a mental disorder.

                        b.  This is a person whose faith is easily shaken.

                                    EX:  Worrier, negative, anxious.

                                    EX:  Fear the storms like Sissy.

                                    EX:  Kimmie:  "Things are too good."




            3.  There will be those who are Weak in the Faith.


                        a.  Some Christians are strong in their faith.

                        b.  Some Christians haven't become strong yet.

                                    EX:  A new Christian.

                                    EX:  An unnurtured Christian.

                                    EX:  Not regular in church, not in the Word

                        c.  These weak Christians often struggle.

                                    *  Struggle with discipline.

                                    *  Struggle with discernment.

                                    *  Struggle with direction.


            4.  There will be those who are Challenging our Faith.


                        a.  Some people just seem to get on our nerves.

                        b.  Some know how to press our buttons.

                                    EX:  Bugging my sister

                                    EX:  Personality conflict.

                                    EX:  Aggressive feminists

                                    EX:  Pushy salesmen

                        c.  Some people take more patience than others.


B.  For all of the People we run into this year, we must Resolve

      to be Decent and Christian toward Everyone we come across.


            1.  I may want to strike out, but I will not.

            2.  I may want to chew out, but should not.

            3.  I may want to throw them out, but must not.


                        ILL:  Do you know someone who could get along

                                  with anyone?


            *  This doesn't mean we let folks run all over us.

            *  It does mean we show the love of God to them.






II.  Some Resolutions Concerning our Worship.  (16-21)


A.  Are there Changes that need to be made in our Praise?  (16,18)


            1.  Our lives are like a trail that goes through mtns., valleys,

                  and plateaus.


                        a.  Mountains:  High points in life.

                                    EX:  Marriage, birth, vacation, celebrations


                        b.  Valleys:  Low points in life.

                                    EX:  Divorce, death, disease, disaster


                        c.  Plateaus:  Average points in life.  Boring.

                                    EX:  Get up, go to work, come home, eat

                                             supper, watch TV, go to bed, repeat.


            2.  We need to learn to Praise God at all times.


                        a.  It is easy to Praise God on the Mtn. tops.

                        b.  It is easy to Forget God on the Plateaus.

                        c.  It is easy to Blame God in the Valleys.


            3.  We need to resolve to Praise God Every Day.


B.  Are there Changes that need to be made in our Prayer Life?



            1.  I think we all can say we need to pray more.

                        EX:  War Room was a challenge to my prayer life.


            2.  What are you going to do to increase your prayer time?

            3.  Resolve to start each day with prayer,

                        end each day with prayer,

                                    go through each day with prayer.





C.  Are there Changes that need to be made in our Practice? 



            1.  I think it is important to read & study the Word of God.

                        EX:  Reading thru the Bible in 2016


            2.  I think it is important to obey the Word of God.

                        EX:  What good does it do to be able to quote the

                        Ten Commandments if you steal from and lie to

                        your brother?


            3.  I think it is important to filter life through the Word of


                        a.  "Prove all things" = "Put things to the test"

                        b.  The standard is the Word.

                        c.  If it doesn't stack up to the standard throw it out.


                                    *  Students need to put classroom instruction

                                        to the test.

                                    *  Workers need to put corporate directions

                                         to the test.

                                    *  Viewers need to put news & opinions

                                        to the test.

                                    *  Voters need to put political promises

                                        to the test.


            4.  Resolve to get more in the Word this year, and let the

                 Word get more into you.


III.  Some Resolutions Concerning our Witness.  (22-23)


A.  We must be Blameless in Every Area of our Lives.  (23)

            1.  Blameless in our Actions.

            2.  Blameless in our Attitudes.

            3.  Blameless in our Affections.


B.  We must be Blameless from Every Appearance of Evil.  (22)

            ILL:  Would you eat something that might be bad?

                        Don't do something that might be bad, either!

C.  We must be Blameless because the World is Looking at Us.


            1.  The world is looking for hypocrites.

                        EX:  Tom Brady, Peyton Manning


            2.  The world is looking to see if we are really different.


            3.  Christians haven't shown we are really different at times


                        EX:  Divorce rate among Christians is same

                        EX:  Cheating among Christian teens is same

                        EX:  Mel Gibson makes "The Passion of the Christ"

                                 then arrested for DUI.


            4.  We must be blameless so we can lead folks to Jesus.


                        EX:  We are to be a Light in the Darkness.

                                 We can't be Darkness and lead them out of



            5.  We can be blameless only with the help of God.  (23)


            6.  Let us resolve that we will be a better Example in 2016:


                        *  To our children.

                        *  To our co-workers.

                        *  To our fellow students.

                        *  To our teammates.

                        *  To our friends.

                        *  To the world.



A.  We need to make some Spiritual Resolutions this year.

            *  That we will act decently toward all men.

            *  That we will be an example in all ways.

            *  That we will pray more, praise more, practice more

                 of the Word.

B.  With the help of God, these changes will make a New You.


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