"The Christian Correction of Children" (Jonah 1)


Jonah 1-2


A.  When considering what to preach on this Mother’s Day

       I wanted to speak on those things a mother truly needs. 

      There are two things our mothers need in this day and time:


            1.  The respect and obedience of her children.

            2.  The support and love of her husband.


            I will speak on the first this morning and the latter tonight.


B.  The respect and obedience of children will be based on how

      we as parents respond to them when they disobey and rebel.

      Therefore, we need to understand how to properly correct

      our children.


            1.  If we are too lenient, they will not respect and obey us.

                        They will run all over us.

            2.  If we are too strict, they will want to rebel,

 and eventually will.

            3.  We must find that fine balance to gain respect and

obedience of our children.


C.  But to find the balance can be a confusing thing.

            There have been so many books published,

            so many programs devised, so many experts advising.


            We have everyone from Dr. Spock, to Dr. Phil, to

Dr. Dobson giving us direction.  Which way do we turn?


D.  The best book ever written on child discipline is the Bible.

            One of the best books in the Bible on child discipline is the

            book of Jonah.


            Because it shows how God the Father disciplines a straying

            son.  We should all try to pattern our lives after God.


Let us look at this book and get some keys to Correcting a Child.

I.  The Reasons for Correction.


A.  Jonah needed Correction/Discipline because of his

      Rebellion to Authority.


            1.  God’s directive to go to Nineveh and preach was not a

                 suggestion or an option.

            2.  God’s directive was a command. 

            3.  When Jonah ran from God he was rebelling against


·        The God who had created him.

·        The God who had sustained him.

·        The God who had called him.


B.  A Child needs Correction/Discipline when he Rebels against

      his/her Authority.


            1.  It may be rebellion to a Rule.

                        EX:  Running with scissors.  Touching the

computer.  Yelling in the house.


            2.  It may be rebellion to a Request.

                        EX:  “Don’t set one foot inside that kitchen.”

                                    Kayla puts one foot into kitchen.


                  Sometimes they forget and you need to remind them.

                  Sometimes they rebel and you need to discipline them.


C.  When a Rebellious Child goes Undisciplined, Much is Lost.


            1.  You will lose control.

                 The book of Jonah illustrates God is always in control.

     We have to keep control.  EX:  Coming into class late.

            2.  You will lose respect.

                 They won’t respect you.  They won’t respect any

     authority.  I guarantee you Jonah had a fear of God.

3.  You will lose your child.

      God didn’t want to lose Nineveh or Jonah.

II.  The Regiment of Correction.

            How do I correct my child?   Different ways to correct:

            (spanking, time out, taking away privileges, extra chores)

            But there are some things that must happen:


A.  There must be a Halt to Bad Behavior.

            1.  God would not let God Jonah run away any longer.

            2.  God brought a Storm to bring Jonah to a halt.

            3.  We must bring an end to the bad behavior of the child.

                        ILL:  Little boy taken out for playing during sermon

                                    “Y’all pray for me.”

                        Note:  The worst thing you can do is laugh at bad

behavior and say it is cute.  It encourages it.


B.  There must be Consequences to Bad Behavior.

            1.  Jonah realized that he needed punishment.

            2.  Jonah was given a punishment—thrown into the Sea.

            3.  There must be swift and appropriate punishment for the


            ILL:  One thing I like out of the killing of OBL—

                        every terrorist in the world knows that there

                        are consequences to attacking the USA.


                        Your children should know there are

consequences for wrong actions in your

house.  Leave no doubts.


C.  There must be Understanding of Bad Behavior.

            1.  Jonah needed time to get his attitude correct.

            2.  God sent the Whale/Fish to save and keep Jonah.

                        Why was Jonah 3 days in the fish?

                        Couldn’t God have him spit up on first day?

·        It was a long distance for the whale to swim.

·        It was to typify Christ 3 days in the grave.

·        It was to give Jonah time to think and repent.


3.  Make sure your child understands what they did wrong.

            EX:  Duggar suggestion:  Say it ten times.

III.  The Results of Correction.


A.  Submission to Authority.


            1.  Jonah finally surrendered to God’s call to Nineveh.

            2.  Jonah still did not understand or like going to Nineveh.

            3.  A child does not have to understand everything to obey.

                        EX:  Don’t pet skunks.  Don’t play in the street.

                                    Don’t put beans up your nose.

            4.  A child does not even have to like a thing to obey.

                        We have some people who want to make everything

                        fun for the child.  But your child also needs to

understand that not everything in life is fun. 

But we still have to do it.

            5.  You know when you have corrected enough when

                 submission occurs.


B.  Service to Others.


            1.  Jonah finally was able to be of service to God and

     Nineveh and a great revival took place.

2.  Jonah would never have been any service to God and

     Nineveh unless he had submitted to God’s authority.

3.  Your child will never be of much service to you or

     others until they can submit to authority.

            EX:  The Army knows this.  They have to break

them down before they can use the in the Service.

3.  The reason many of God’s children are not of service

      in the church, or to the world is simply because

      they have never surrendered to God’s authority.




1.  Why didn’t God just get another Prophet?

2.  He wanted Jonah and He loved Jonah.

3.  God loves us, even when we rebel and run from Him.

4.  God still want to use you. 

5.  Will you Submit to Him?


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