The Good Shepherd (John 10)


John 10:1-18, 27-30


A.  Many people wonder about their Salvation.


            1.  I know I did at one time.

            2.  You can't go forward when still looking back.

            3.  Perhaps you are asking, "Is Jesus My Savior?"


B.  Let us ask this question another way.


            1.  Instead of asking, "Is Jesus My Savior?"

                 Ask, "Is Jesus My Shepherd?"

            2.  John 10 gives us a clear picture of what the Good

                 Shepherd does for His sheep.

            3.  Look at what the Good Shepherd does and see

                 if you are one of His sheep.


I.  The Good Shepherd Calls His Sheep.  (3-5, 27)


A.  He calls them by name.

            EX:  Like a shepherd knows the sheep by name.


B.  They know His voice.

            EX:  Cows knew my voice at milking time.


C.  Does God speak today?  YES

            1.  By the Word.

            2.  By the Spirit.

                        a.  Not by dramatic revelations, dreams, visions.

                        b.  But by inner conviction, urging to do right,

                             reminders of the Word, and comfort within.

                                    (see John 16:5-8)


D.  Does God speak to you?


            1.  Does He convict you strongly when you do wrong?

                        God's child will never sin successfully.


            2.  Does He urge you to do what is right?

                        Like a push from behind by a parent.


            3.  Does He remind you of the Word when you need it?

                        Bring a verse or sermon to mind?


            4.  Does He give peace and comfort when needed?

                        At a funeral, surgery, tragedy.

                        Do you feel His arms around you?


II.  The Good Shepherd Leads the Sheep.  (3, 27)

            This reminds me of Psalm 23.


A.  He Leads the sheep to Good Pasture.

B.  He Leads the sheep through Dark Passages.

C.  Does God lead Us Today?  YES.



            1.  By His Word.  (II Tim.2:15  "Study to shew thyself...")

            2.  By Wisdom.  (James 1:5 "If any of you lack wisdom...")

                        Giving discernment and direction.

            3.  By Warnings.

                        EX:  Paul directed to Macedonia  instead of Asia.

                        EX:  Balaam and the donkey and the angel.

                        EX:  Sounds an alarm when about to do wrong.

                        EX:  Like telling a child not to do something

                                 because you saw danger ahead.



            ILL:  How God led me to FBC Stamps.


III.  The Good Shepherd Guards the Sheep.  (7-10)


A.  The Good Shepherd acts as a Door to the Sheepfold.


            1.  He allows the sheep in.

            2.  He keeps the enemy out.



B.  This paints two pictures for us.


            1.  Jesus is the only way to get into the fold.

                 John 14:6.  You must come through Jesus.


            2.  Jesus is on guard to keep the enemy out.


C.  Does God guard us today?  YES.


            1.  He guards us from loss of Salvation.  (10:27-29)

                        No one can take away our salvation.


            2.  He guards us in other ways.


                        a.  From Troubles.

                                    We are not promised a trouble-free life.

                                    But God safes us from many troubles

                                    that Satan has for us.

                                    EX:  Job--God was protecting Job so that

                                                Satan could not get at him.


                                    EX:  We have guardian angels watching

                                             over us.

                                                Like Billy in the Family Circus.


                        b.  From Temptations.

                             I Cor.10:13

                                    We still have temptations.

                                    But we are protected from overwhelming

                                    trials and temptations.

                                    He can deliver us from all evil.


D.  Is God guarding you Today?

            Have you experienced a time when God seemed to

            intervene and protect you?


            ILL:  Going off the road at only place safe.

            ILL:  Missionaries protected by angelic warriors.


IV.  The Good Shepherd Dies for the Sheep.  (11-15)


A.  The Good Shepherd will give His Life in order to give

       the sheep Life.


            1.  Jesus died for us.

            2.  Jesus died that we might have life.


B.  Did Jesus die for you?  YES.


C.  Have you accepted the Gift of Eternal Life?


            1.  Have you understood what salvation is and how

                 to accept it?


            2.  Have you desired to be saved?


            3.  Have you made a conscious personal choice to accept

                 the gift of eternal life and Christ as Savior?


            4.  Can you say Jesus died for YOU?




A.  The Bible says that "All we like sheep have gone astray"


B.  Can you say that you, like a good sheep, are following the

      Good Shepherd?


C.  If Jesus is your Shepherd you have nothing to worry about.




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