Traveling Route 66: "Learning to Lean" (I Samuel 21:10-15)


I Samuel 21:10-15
A. Many people have been to university in our church.
            1. This is not so for all people.
            2. We have many who have.
B. Many have been to another kind of university.
            1. They have been to “The University of Hard Knocks.”
            2. Read pgs.1-2 of “The University of Hard Knocks.”
C. Before there was even a university system, many people
            were graduating with an advanced degree from
            “The University of Hard Knocks.”
            EX: David
D. We wonder why David had to go to this school.
            1. He was the psalmist.
            2. He was the gentle shepherd.
            3. He was the giant killer.
            4. He was the man after God’s own heart.
            5. Why would God let him get into such a condition as we
                        see him in I Sam.21?
            6. There were still lessons to learn.
E. Let me show you what I mean.
I. David’s Primary Education.
(Up to this point, David has been a model of faith, courage, obedience & devotion to God. He developed these characteristics with the help of a good support system.)
A. He had the Support of his Parents.
            1. David had a godly heritage. (see Ruth 4:17-22)
            2. A godly heritage is important.
                        Parental instruction is not a guarantee of
righteousness, but it is a guidepost to righteousness.
B. He had the Support of his Position. (I Sam.18:13)
            1. He had risen to the position of captain over a thousand
                        in Saul’s army. He was also the chief musician in
                        Saul’s court. These gave him stability.
            2. A steady job is a great support.
                        a. We live in a time when the average person will
                                    change occupations 7-13 times in his life.
                        b. Gone are the days when a person graduated HS
                                    and goes to work at the mill all his life.
                        c. If you have a steady job, it creates a great
C. He had the Support of his Popularity. (I Sam.18:16)
            1. The people of Israel loved David. 
This was an encouragement.
            2. There is great stability where there is unconditional love
                        and appropriate praise.
                        EX: In the home, in the school, in the church
D. He had the Support of other People.
            God had placed some special people in David’s life.
            1. The Partner Michal. (I Sam.18:20, 28)
                        David was given a wife who really loved him.
                        No doubt her drew strength from that.
            2. The Prince Jonathan. (I Sam.18:1-4)
                        Jonathan was a faithful friend.
                        David could handle the king’s anger by having
                        the prince’s love.
            3. The Prophet Samuel. (I Sam.16:13; 19:18)
                        Samuel anointed David to be a king.
                        Samuel taught David how to be kingly.
                        He showed him about sacrifice, service, worship.
            4. We need to thank God for the special people God has
                        brought in our lives.
                        EX: my wife, Barry Baker
            David learned much in his Primary education.
            But he could not learn everything he needed to be king.
            He must continue with another kind of education.
II. David’s Secondary Education.
            God is about to allow David’s whole support system to be
taken away. This is David’s “University of Hard Knocks.”
A. David Lost His Family.
            1. David had to flee from Saul. (I Sam.19)
                  He would not see his father and family for some time.
                  Saul’s favorite term for David is “the son of Jesse.”
                  We don’t know when Jesse dies, but he is not said to
      speak again to David after this time.
2. It is very hard to lose a parent.
            David could not have been the full leader of
Israel until the passing of his parent. He would
always have looked to the leadership of Jesse. 
Jesse’s leadership was finished; David’s was to
B. David Lost His Position. (I Sam.19:8-10)
            1. The Captain of Israel’s army, the bravest hero,
                        would become a fugitive from the king and chased
                        by the army.
            2. Many have lost their jobs in this economy.
                        David’s job loss in unique.
                        a. He lost it because of jealousy.
                        b. He would have lost it by losing his life if Saul
C. David Lost His Popularity.
            1. He was removed from the public eye and forgotten.
            2. He was removed from public praise and cursed.
                        EX: Doeg the Edomite, Nabal the fool.
            3. It is hard going from hero to zero.
D. David Lost His People.
            1. Michal was removed. (I Sam.19:11-17)
                        a. Michal lies to Saul and helps David escape.
                        b. Michal walks away from their relationship.
            2. Jonathan was removed. (I Sam.20:41-42)
                        a. Jonathan helps David flee and a tearful parting.
                        b. Jonathan cannot see David again.
            3. Samuel is removed. (I Sam.20:1; 25:1)
                        a. David has to flee from the presence of Samuel.
                        b. Samuel dies and is never to be in his presence.
E. David Lost His Pride. (I Sam.21:10-15)
            1. He goes to the king of the Philistines for protection.
            2. But the Philistines have not forgotten David’s victories.
            3. David is filled with fear for his life and has to play the
                        part of a madman to escape.
            4. Sometimes God takes everything from us,
even our pride.
F. He Gained Some Valuable Lessons.
            Sometimes God has to take away everything to help us to realize He is all we need. This is what David learned.
(see Psalm 34)
            1. He learned about following the Lord at all times.
            2. He learned about the faithfulness of the Lord at all
times. (4-8)
            3. He learned about the fear of the Lord at all times.
            4. He learned about the fortress of the Lord at all times.
            In summary, He learned to lean solely on God.
Song: “Learning to Lean”
            Sad, broken-hearted
            At an altar I’ve knelt,
            I’ve found a peace so serene.
            All that He asked is a child-like trust,
            And a heart that is learning to lean.
            Learning to lean
            Learning to lean
            I’m learning to lean on Jesus.
            Finding more power than I’ve ever dreamed.
            I’m learning to lean on Jesus.
A. What are you leaning on today?
            1. It is good to have friends, family, financial stability.
                        But we must not lean too heavily on them.
                        They can be taken away.
            2. Lean upon what can never be taken away.
                        Learn to lean on Jesus.
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